Planning your first international trip can be daunting. This week's podcast makes it easier through tips and tricks. Picture: Pexels.

Planning an international trip can be quite daunting. It’s stressful having to sort out documents, get the appropriate visas and book activities. But, all the effort is worth it in the end - especially when you reach your destination. 

This week’s podcast looks at international travel for South Africans. 

Business journalist and avid traveller Dhivana Rajgopaul pops by this week to share some of her insight on international travel. In our first segment, host Clinton Moodley chats to Rajgopaul about her first international trip. 

The 26-year-old Durbanite went to Florida in the USA with her family when she was just nine years old. The family spent two weeks at the destination and enjoyed time at Disneyworld. Rajgopaul also shares details on how she plans her international trips - and reveals why planning your trip with your family is essential. 

In the second segment, the duo share tips on how to make your first international trip memorable. 

One of the tips is to ensure that your passport is up to date."Passports can take up to 10 working days to obtain and needs to be valid for six months after you have travelled," Moodley explains. 

"Depending on your destination, a visa may be required. Speak with your travel agent to see whether you require a visa and the process to obtain it,” he adds. 

Travel insurance is also important. Moodley recommends comprehensive travel insurance, which comes in handy when travellers face any unforeseen incidents, whether medical or natural disasters. 

“Final Boarding Call” is an Independent Media travel podcast hosted by Clinton Moodley. 

The podcast highlights everything from the hottest destinations, travel hacks and travel news in South Africa and abroad. 

Listeners will be taken on a journey on what’s happening on the travel scene, and it’s one “flight” you do not want to miss. 

“Final Boarding Call” is a must-listen for travellers or those who are craving a holiday. A new episode is uploaded every fortnight. The podcast edited by Londiwe Gumede.