Choosing the right travel bag takes time. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when investing in a new one. Picture: Jekyll & Hide.

Finding the right travel bag is like trying to pick all the red M&Ms from its packaging. It is hard but definitely worth the effort and time.

Travel bags, like companions, can last a lifetime if treated well. Therefore, choosing the right one is important.

Thomas Sorensen, the head of sales for Jekyll & Hide, a global leather product manufacturer, said finding the right bag is not hard at all, it just needs to tick all the boxes.

Here are some questions he urges that people ask before making that purchase…

Why do I need a travel bag?

There are many forms of travelling, whether it is a weekend break, a cultural exploration at an international destination or a business trip. Sorensen believes that travellers need to choose a bag that compliments the type of travels they are accustomed to.

“Think about the journey. Will the bag be transporting heavy or light goods? Will you need to carry it around wherever you go or will it be kept in your hotel during your travels? How comfortable will that bag be?

“Answers to these will determine whether you need a trolly or duffel bag?” he said.

What features does it have?

Sorensen said a bag’s features will determine whether someone should invest in it or not.

“Make sure the bag is able to lock, is padded to store laptops or other gadgets and has Radio-frequency identification (RFID). This is a relatively new technique in which electromagnetic fields automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

“These tags, which contains electronically stored information, respond to certain radio frequencies by allowing them access to the data stored on the object they’re attached to,” he said.

 Is it versatile?

Bag manufacturers have tried their best to make sure that their bags are adaptable for travel. So travellers can easily unpack their clothing and take the same bag on day trips.

“It all depends on what type of holiday you are going on and whether you need a bag for those tours and activities,” he said.

Does it prove value for money?

Value for money can mean many things. While one bag may cost relatively cheaper than another, it may not have been made with quality craftsmanship.  Sorensen said that travellers should take in factors like the warranty and how long it would last into consideration.