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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Restful activities while biding your time and desire to travel

Journaling can became a check-in too Picture: Pexels / Negative Space

Journaling can became a check-in too Picture: Pexels / Negative Space

Published Apr 5, 2022


Heading out into the world on a new adventure is incredible but not always possible – whether it's due to lockdowns, budget or simply because your body needs a break .

Here are five ways to indulge your wanderlust and get you even more excited for the day you can finally travel again.

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Create a vision board

Vision boards, also known as dream boards, improve your creativity, provide motivation and focus, enhance productivity, clarify your goals and can make you happier. It is a fun and creative way to set out your goals and help you achieve them.

In addition, in a Huffpost report, it states that visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. Many believe that, including some celebrities and athletes, what you feed your thoughts can have a great impact on forming your life.

Set out your intention to travel by creating a collage of your next big holiday or all the places you’d like to travel to.

Choose your images carefully; images should depict what happens before travel, such as research, budgeting, and packing, as well as your ideal locations, travel companions and activities you’d like to try.

Read a travel book

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Reading is a great tool that will not get old. It can be for comfort and to gain information about things we find interest in, so why not grab a travel book while you are at it.

Travel books can help you learn about cities or countries you’re hoping and planning to visit in the future. Giving you, once again, a chance to visualize your dream holiday. It also allows you to indulge in epic adventures or explore terrain you may not otherwise have. The best travel books will not only immerse you in new worlds but inspire you to plan your own trips to those destinations.

There are apps and various online bookstores where you can choose a book to enjoy.

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Journey through your devices

While there’s no shortage of binge-worthy shows to choose from, your favourite streaming service – Netflix, Showmax and more – or platforms such as YouTube also offer a smorgasbord of travel shows and content to satiate your urge to travel.

YouTube videos can inform you on various topics, who knows, maybe you can try out recipes and dishes from your favourite dream destination. That way, you can prepare your taste buds with a delicious meal and a dining experience at home.

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The internet is your oyster!

Go on a day trip

Travelling short distances and closer to home is an easy way to appease your travel melancholy. And I am sure, there are some places you are yet to explore in your own hometown.

Some of the adventures you can go on, include driving out of town for lunch, wine tasting at a vineyard, visiting a historical site in your city, or even exploring a local museum or tourist attraction such as an aquarium.

For those who prefer relaxing during their downtime, replicate the hotel experience at home or better yet, find a staycation deal in your city. With winter coming, a movie night with snacks at home doesn’t sound too bad after all.

Take a course

Whether it’s a language class or a workshop on how to create a specific country’s national dish, taking a course is an immersive way to experience a new culture and can provide a mental escape from your everyday routine.

You can also supplement your classes by streaming foreign-language films, TV and podcasts, reading in another language and dining at restaurants that specialise in a specific cuisine.

Overall, these tips can only benefit you in the long run, as it all improves improving certain skills while also coping with travel restrictions.