9351 *children can be photographed but not named* A child from the Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Children's Home in Langlaagte, Johannesburg inspect one of the suped up cars from the Wicked Obsession car club after they donated food and toiletry products to the home as part of a charity run. 020809 - Picture: Jennifer Bruce

As hundreds of families are currently enjoying school holidays and starting to plan the December holidays, TomTom shares the road trip realities of 5,000 moms from around the world.

An independent study reveals that it takes on average just 27 minutes for children to get bored on long car journeys. Of those countries surveyed, children in Australia get bored the quickest at 23 minutes and children from New Zealand appear to be the most patient, with boredom kicking in at over 34 minutes.

The study suggests that the average holiday car journey lasts around five hours. With so much time spent in the car, moms are resourceful at keeping their children amused. A total of 74 percent think of games to play, 52 percent offer treats and rewards, and 24 percent admitted that they lie about the estimated time of arrival to make the journey seem shorter.

“Whilst we can’t stop children from getting bored, we can make sure family journeys are the best they can be,” says Daan Hendericks, country manager of South Africa. “From avoiding endless hours spent in traffic jams, to finding the best places to stop en route, TomTom is an ideal travel companion for a family road trip.”

Whilst 60 percent of moms said that “being together as a family” is the best part of a family trip, they also found it could be stressful. Some 41 percent of respondents thought that being in the car with their children is far more stressful than being in the office and 36 percent said they are likely to argue with their partner during the journey.

TomTom aims to make family journeys better by reducing the time spent in traffic and by offering driver-friendly content and services to help families make the most of their time together.

It is proven that drivers with TomTom HD Traffic reach their destination faster than anyone else on the road, whilst new TomTom Search & Go features help families find and navigate to recommended places such as restaurants and play areas along the way.