An aerial view of Robben Island

Cape Town - Robben Island Museum has launched a new website that aims to attract more visitors.

Neil Whitehead from Jungle Corner Advertising Agency, responsible for the website, said: “The objective of the site is for the end user to be drawn into the island digitally and experience as much as they would in the physical world while creating a need to go to the island for the sensory and tactile experience.”

He added the website had been built for accessibility and functionality across all platforms such as desktop and smartphone.

“It incorporates other elements that are not usually expected in web design such as film, key frame animations, dynamic, interactive content (virtual tour) to give the user a unique, memorable and informative experience.”

The new website would give users insight into the island’s history and allow them to virtually tour the island.

 The project was a joint effort between MTN SA Foundation members, Robben Island Museum employees and Jungle Corner. - Cape Argus