Many travellers have already started to make plans to get their hands on those unbelievable Black Friday travel deals. Picture: Pexels.

Black Friday is around the corner. Many travellers have already started to make plans to get their hands on those unbelievable travel deals. 

The travel industry went above and beyond to make sure that they offered deals travellers could not refuse last year. 

This year is no different. Travel companies will offer holiday package, tours or flights to entice potential travellers this Black Friday. 

There are downsides to booking a holiday on Black Friday. 

One of the biggest reasons is the long queues. Some people queue as early as midnight in hopes of being one of the first people inside the store. 

Then, there are the deals offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are person number 150 in a queue, the chances of you getting the deal are slim. 

Then there’s the fine print. Some travel companies advertise special deals that come with a list of rules. 

These travel deals may be used during off-peak seasons or may require an additional person to also get the deal. If the above points do not scare you, then you have just answered the question of whether you should book a holiday on Black Friday. 

For those who intend on doing so, make sure you do your research. Find out the travel deals on offer and compare the best ones. 

Sometimes travel companies run deals online or at the store, so knowing where to start your Black Friday shopping can save you time and money. If you book your holiday on Black Friday, don’t be overzealous. Decide on what deals you want and not be lavish with your spending. 

The last thing you want is to book three holidays within a space of six months and not have any annual leave left to enjoy it all. 

Thinking realistically are just some of the ways you will survive the Black Friday rush. Black Friday falls on November 29, 2019.