'As If Born to You' author Susan Newham-Blake shares her travels with us. Picture: Instagram

Susan Newham-Blake is the author of "As If Born to You", one of this year’s most gripping books. Clinton Moodley chatted to the author on her travels:

Can you tell us about your childhood travels? 

Most holidays involved going to Kruger National Park or Durban. The first time I travelled overseas was when I was 16 to visit my brother, who lived abroad. We visited Turkey and Greece. I fell in love with travelling ever since. When I was 20, I hitchhiked from Cape Town to Kenya and around Europe for a year. I discovered that you would not get malnourished if you eat spaghetti and tomato sauce for a year. 

Being a seasoned traveller, what is your favourite destination? 

I love travelling to big cities like London, Rome and New York.

And your best SA escape? 

The bush. 
What do you look for when you book a holiday? 

At this stage in my life somewhere where the children will be happy and occupied so I can get a bit of a break from them.

'As If Born to You' author Susan Newham-Blake shares her travels with us. Picture: Supplied.

Do you read while on holiday? If so, what books do you recommend? 

Yes, I read on holiday. I read anything from fiction to non-fiction, autobiographies to self-help books. Recently I’ve been enjoying Rebecca Davis’ books as well as anything from Elizabeth Strout and Deborah Levy.
Can you share any embarrassing travel stories with our readers? 

I did go to Mozambique last year and got covered in a red rash apparently from the hairy caterpillar which is endemic to the area. I also got my cellphone stolen from a pub in London before that. That seems more embarrassing than the rash for some reason. I thought I was more street smart coming from South Africa. I am not. 
What has been the best dish you have eaten abroad? 

Anything from street vendors in Thailand. I lived in Chiang Mai for two years and loved the hot and fresh flavours of authentic Thai food.