Stuck for a Christmas gift? Get them a second passport. Picture: Pexels.

If you are stuck for a gift for the family this year, how about a second passport? This seemingly crazy idea may just be the best present you’ll ever give, according to, an international travel company. 

Most people are probably wondering why anyone would want another passport when they have a South African one . Alison Johnson, co-founder of, said that a second passport has many benefits for travellers.

“Ask anyone who has tried to travel, work or move overseas and they will very quickly tell you about the drawbacks of only having a single passport. South Africa’s passport is ranked 96th in the world with visa free access to only 92 countries, and excludes much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

“The South African passport also excudes access to youth working holiday schemes, automatic working visas and residency options in much of the world. A South African passport doesn’t rate much higher than a Zimbabwean passport which is 129th with visa free access to 62 countries,” she said.

Johnson said there are a few ways to access a second passport. According to her, the first step is to check the family tree as countries around the world have different ancestry requirements such as Ireland, which goes back three generations  and some European countries, including Germany, have very flexible rules such as for descendants of those impacted by the Nazi party.

Johnson added, “The best place to get started is the internet. There are fantastic resources available for you if you have time to search through and find them. If you prefer a short cut, our team spent 18 months collating immigration data from official government and other verified sources. It could be the start of something life changing for you and your family and it may be a present the children are grateful for a long time.”

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