A cruise can be fun, but before you embark on one, here are the dos and don'ts of cruising. Picture: MSC.

It is cruise season in South Africa. Here are some tips for travellers when on a cruise.


Take a tour of the ship  

Touring the ship on your first day can help you find out what you want to do and where you want to spend your time. It  also helps you find cool hangout spots, which comes in handy when the deck gets crowded.

Book activities

Once you figure out what you want to do and see on the cruise, try to book them immediately. Most people are encouraged to book their activities on the day of their arrival to avoid disappointment if the activities are fully booked.


I find unpacking my clothes very comforting, purely because it helps me to ease into the holiday and it minimises my seasickness. I also unpack and personalise my space when I arrive in my cabin. 

Take the muster drill

Many people think the muster drill is a bore, but it could save your life. By attending the drill, you are able to understand what steps to take in an emergency.

Watch the sunset

As cliche as it sounds, many people end up missing this experience. Make time to watch the sunset at least once during your trip. You will thank me later.


Never pass an opportunity to enjoy the activities on board

Never pass an opportunity to enjoy the activities on board, especially if it is included in the rate. These activities can provide much needed bonding time with your loved ones.

Try to limit alcohol consumption  

Some people enjoy getting drunk on the ship because they feel it helps ease sea sickness. Part of a cruise is about making memories, and being wasted ruins the experience. If you are consuming alcohol, try to have lots of water.

Carry sunscreen

As simple of a task this may be, many of us sometimes forget the sunscreen and that is never good if we plan to lounge by the pool. Set reminders the night before to ensure that the bottle of sunscreen ends up in your luggage.

Never try exotic meals

As tempting as it may seem, try not to eat meals that sound and look exotic. The last thing you want is to be in bed with food poisoning.

Do not be afraid to socialise

The best place to meet friends are on a cruise. A little hello can result in a 'friend for life'.