Ben MacFarlane the author of Holiday SOS: Lifesaving Adventures of a Travelling Doctor says travellers should not sleep naked. Picture: Pexels.

Ben MacFarlane the author of "Holiday SOS: Lifesaving Adventures of a Travelling Doctor" recently shared some interesting tidbits with Daily Mail.

Here are some of the tips: 

Chewing gum dilemma 

MacFarlane’s views of chewing gum are the complete opposite of what many travellers follow. The Flying Doctor reveals that despite the traditional view that chewing gum prevents your ears hurting during taking off our landing, he claims it is a choking risk in turbulence or bumpy landings. The doctor also reveals that it makes travellers swallow more air. 

“Wiggling your lower jaw and doing some big fake yawns sorts your ears out more safely,” he reveals. 

Say no to the champers 

It is every traveller’s worst nightmare: being bloated and having the urge to pass out gas while on a flight. MacFarlane suggests you avoid fizzy drinks and champagne. 

Never sleep naked 

If you are someone who sleeps in your birthday suit when travelling, you may need to rethink that option. And, MacFarlane has a point here. He says the only thing worse than being woken up at 2am by a hotel fire alarm is being naked when it is time for everyone to evacuate. He reckons shorts and T-shirts would be the ideal sleep clothing. 

Take the key card and leave the rest

MacFarlane encourages travellers to leave the “paper wallet” that houses your keycard behind when you want to explore. He says if stolen, the thief would know three things: “where you’re staying, what room you’re in and that you’re out.”

Always wear a seat belt 

MacFarlane reveals that the “people who survive crashes are the ones who wore their seatbelts.” He adds: “So buckle up. Don’t risk dying of embarrassment.”We hear you, doc!