Ostrich Pillow is an innovation that allows people to sleep wherever they travel. Picture: Supplied.

I do not know about you, but I struggle to sleep on a plane. I find ordinary travel pillows uncomfortable and getting shut-eye is often impossible

Enter the Ostrich Pillow, an innovation that allows people to sleep wherever they travel. It comes in handy on the plane, airport, road trip or even when you want to snooze on a boat ride.

According to OstrichPillow.com, it was designed in 2012 to address sleep deprivation.

“A clever device that would allow people to rest where they wanted, when they wanted to, needed to be invented,” it said on the website.

“That’s precisely how empowered by the energy of a crowd, our beloved Original was born, giving rise to a happy family of feel-good products that have been turning heads internationally since then, taking care of utopian dreamers all over the world,” the release said.

The Go is also a travel-friendly pillow that is smaller than the Original but super comfortable.  It seems that many people cannot get enough of it. According to reviews, it is a hit for travellers.

Eric C. called it wonderful.

He posted: “I'm so glad I brought the Ostrich pillow on my vacation. It was so comfortable on the long plane rides. Yes, I'm sure it looked silly, but I didn't care. Highly recommended!” (sic).

David D said he and his wife used it on a recent trip from the US to Germany, and then to Israel.

“We both agree the OstrichPillow is simply incredible. Even though we got some strange looks, the flight attendants all asked us about them and where to buy them. I usually can't sleep while on planes but I was able to sleep and rest well using this pillow. Add in some earplugs and headphones and get ready to sleep like a baby!” (sic).

An Ostrich Pillow will cost $99 (R1425).