This year's travel headlines were filled with all kinds of saucy sex travel stories. Picture: Pexels.
This year's travel headlines were filled with all kinds of saucy sex travel stories. Picture: Pexels.

The ultimate guide to sex travel etiquette

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 28, 2019

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This year's travel headlines were filled with all kinds of saucy sex travel stories. Here are some things we learned from these stories: 

#1 Take out the battery off your sex toy before you travel 

Many travellers carry their sex toys on their travels - and that is not a bad thing. However, if you decide to carry your toy with you, you probably should remove the battery. A thread on Reddit offered insight on what would happen to traveller’s bags when they carry a battery-operated sex toy. 

The user offered some advice: “Women: if you pack a toy in your bag, take the batteries out. Because if I'm loading your bag, and I hear it vibrating, I have to tell my lead. Then my lead has to come to pull you off the aircraft, and you have to open your bag and turn off your toy in front of a bunch of giggling grown-ass men.”

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#2 Joining the mile high club has its consequences

Author Heather Poole, who wrote "Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35 000 Feet" revealed that most passengers who wanted to join the mile high club opted to do the deed in their seats. 

Poole wrote in her book: “One thing I’ve noticed is that more and more mile-high members are avoiding the bathroom altogether, preferring to do the deed in their seat.”

While, according to Poole, it is not illegal to engage in sexual activity on an airplane, it is a federal offence not to comply with crew member instruction. Passengers who don’t adhere would have to face the consequences. 

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#3 Having loud sex may get you kicked off a cruise ship...or your hotel 

While sex is a natural act, travellers should try to keep it down. Earlier this year, a German couple who were embarking on a two week trip in the Caribbean were booted off Tui Cruises for allegedly having loud sex. 

Renate F. and her husband Volker booked the holiday aboard Mein Schiff 5, which departed on April 1. Renate F told the publication that they were having very loud “consensual” sex with the balcony door open. They claimed to have forgotten about closing the door. Moral of the story: keep the doors closed and turn down the sound. 

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#4 Do not listen to other travellers' having sex

A man who was at a hotel in Jiangjin District of Chongqing, southwest China, was caught crawling along the hotel's corridors and placing his phone close to the doors so that he could hear guests having sex in their rooms.

The couple were staying at a hotel in the province when they realised someone was outside their room. They immediately alerted police, according to Chinese website KuaiBao.

Do not be that guy. Like seriously, it’s creepy. 

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#5 Leave the oral sex for behind closed doors 

A couple who allegedly met at a Moscow airport and proceeded to engage in a sex act while on a flight to Vladivostok, eastern Russia made headlines earlier this year. 

The alleged incident took place in front of shocked fellow passengers, and it was even filmed. 

The couple were asked to stop when angrily confronted by a flight attendant: “Come on, now, calm down and settle down quickly,” she said. It is rude to other passengers, and cabin crew, to perform sexual acts in the open. Leave those antics for behind closed doors. 

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