The workation trend is redefining the travel landscape. Picture: Pexels.
The workation trend is redefining the travel landscape. Picture: Pexels.

The wonder of workations: Why you should take one

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 22, 2021

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A CHANGE of scenery is just what is needed to get you out of your work-related slump.

And, if you are fortunate enough to work remotely, then a workation (also spelt workcation) is an ideal way to continue your daily work tasks while you still find time to explore a new destination.

Working remotely isn’t something new as digital nomads have been doing this for years. However, the pandemic has allowed more people to work in another setting, whether it’s a beach getaway, safari break, or a city escape.

While this may be at your own expense, a workation can offer many benefits for the mind, body and soul. How does it work? A workation depends on the traveller and the type of trip they intend to take. It could be an overnight stay at a hotel in their city, a two-day getaway to another province, an island escape on the continent or an international trip. The options are endless.

A workation still requires you to complete your day’s tasks, only this time you get to enjoy stunning views and equally impressive accommodation and cuisine. Workations are said to make travellers more productive.

Elske Joubert, the acting head of newsroom and publications at one of South Africa’s universities, recently went on a workation to Langebaan in the Western Cape. She booked a week-long stay in the hope of enjoying the tourist offerings of the Western Cape town while still fulfilling her daily job requirements. She posted pictures of sunsets, Instagram-worthy cuisine and selfies with the most glorious ocean views.

Joubert said that the workation allowed her to become more productive.

“The workcation allowed me to work from a gorgeous setting while remaining productive at the same time. I met all my deadlines while enjoying all the benefits that a holiday provides,” she said.

The gift of workations

Travel expert Natalie Knibbs encouraged people to gift themselves a workation when they needed to escape from their routine.

“Being at home during the pandemic can get lonely and certainly demotivating. A workation is the perfect gift you can give yourself when you need to escape from a routine lifestyle. A change of scenery does miracles for the soul.

“Trips like these often get my creative juices working. The ideas tend to flow naturally. I try to look outside the box rather than inside it. I found that one doesn’t waste time and energy on the small stuff, which often happens when watching the clock go by in the office. I also try to incorporate activities like bushwalks or game drives to my schedule as I do not want to miss out on anything,” she said.

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