Johannesburg - Entertainer Nataniel, who is opening his 15th annual show, Mannequin, at Emperors this month talks, to Diane de Beer.


First holiday memory?

I remember a holiday when I was really small. We visited the Kango Caves in Oudtshoorn, it was a frightening place and haunted me for years!


Favourite place in SA?

My bedroom.


Best holiday memory?

Every holiday I spent as a child in my grandparents’ home in Wellington.


What have you learnt from your travels?

To plan really well. I cannot do spontaneous wild things, it freaks me out. And I do not travel with a little luggage, I have had to make peace with that and I know it will be a drama at every airport.


Ideal travelling companion?

I travel really well with Charl du Plessis, my accompanist, because we have been travelling together for 17 years and know when to leave each other alone. We recently went on a holiday to Europe, the first trip ever that was not for work and it was really pleasant.


Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

Shopping! Shopping!

And art collections everywhere.


Greatest travel luxury?

Business class, always.


Holiday reading?

I buy books at the airport. I run into the shop and grab every book from Latest Releases that has a pretty cover. I love first-time or debut novels.


Where has seduced you?

Nantes, France. I go there three times a year. My brother lives there, I film a TV series there and I LOOOVE that city! Very few tourists.


Worst travel experience?

A recent trip to Botswana. The airline lost all the luggage. It rained the whole time. And the chartered plane was smaller than I am.


Best hotel?

Hotel Pommeraye in Nantes, a very plain, modern, no-nonsense hotel that features new artworks, is totally green and has THE BEST breakfast trays. But I prefer renting apartments - that way I can buy ingredients in unbelievable shops and cook. Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive?

Walk along the river in Paris.


Best meal abroad?

At Le Break in Nantes. A salad of watercress, smoked salmon, rye toast and poached egg, all drizzled with lemon syrup.


Favourite city?

London, Florence and Nantes.


Where next?

I need to go back to Italy. I do not really believe in previous lives, but I think I worked at the Vatican at some point. I need to go and see if I’m in a register.

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