Counting down the days before your holiday begins means more than crossing off the days on your calendar

Counting down the days before your holiday begins means more than crossing off the days on your calendar. You're likely to be busy right up until the last minute before your Uber arrives. 

To help you stay excited, but organised, Flight Centre Travel Group asked local travel bloggers and experts for their advice on what should be on your check-list of ‘to dos’, the day before you leave on holiday.

#1 Be safe and secure

To be extra safe while you're travelling, it won't hurt to alert your credit card company of your travel plans. You can find the contact number on your card, says Di Brown, aka The Roaming Giraffe.

"As for making sure the house is still in one piece when you get back, check for leaking taps and top-up your electricity. Make sure your alarm is working and your security gates, garage door and window guards are secure. Throw away old food in the fridge and take out the rubbish. Remind family and friends of your travel dates, in case they need to reach you."

#2 Weigh your bag

"If you're checking in luggage for a long-haul trip, be sure to weigh your bag the day before, to avoid overpacking. Ask a friend to use their bathroom scale if you don't have one, then, use your remaining time wisely to decide on what items of clothing to take out if it's over the weight limit set by your airline," says Llewelyn Lambert, who runs Hospitality Hedonist.

Remember to put aside the outfit you’ll be travelling in too.   

#3 Check the chargers and weather

Check that your power bank is charged and that your chargers for your phone and camera work properly, says Richard Haubrich (@Instagram_sa).

"Pack that extra phone charger and travel adapter the day before and check the weather in the destination that you're heading to. If you need to pack an extra jacket or raincoat, this is the best time to do it."

#4 Attend to personal grooming

Allison Foat, aka CapeTownDiva, recommends using your last day before your trip to get a quick haircut, not only to feel more comfortable, but also to look good in those holiday snaps.

"It will save you time on the day you depart. Men, get your beards trimmed. Ladies, add in a mani or a wax.

#5 Pack your snacks

Verushka Ramasami, aka The Spice Goddess, advises getting snacks together the day before you fly, so that you don't have to rush around at the airport.

"If you have any dietary requirements, or simply don't like the options served on local flights, pack your own padkos. Drink lots of water the day before, and during your flight, as aircraft air-conditioning takes a toll on your skin and fluid levels.”

With this handy checklist, you’ll be boarding the plane, organised, calm and excited, in no time. Bon voyage!