Connecting flights do not have to be disastrous, writes Clinton Moodley. Picture:

Connecting flights, the two words that make me panic minutes after my plane lands. For many, including myself, connecting flights can be terrible. 

I remember the time when I literally had 30 minutes to connect to a flight- most of which involved lots of running, gasping for breath and pleading with fellow passengers to give me a space in the queue as “I was going to miss my flight.” You do not have to face the same issues if you prepare well in advance. Here are some tips:

Book with one airline

Multiple bookings with different airlines can cause you to miss your flight and ultimately ruin your holiday. By choosing one airline, you will be able to manage all flights through one booking.

Where possible, take direct flights

Take a direct flight even if this means you sitting on a plane for an hour. Having the security of being in one plane for the duration of your travels to your desired location allows you to relax on the journey without having to worry about missing that flight.

Check in ahead of time

Travellers should make check in a routine, no matter what flight they are on. The two minutes taken to check in may just be the number of minutes needed to board that plane.

Send luggage to destination

When connecting to another flight, no one wants to race to get their luggage and then check in again before boarding. This takes unnecessary time and effort. Opt to have your luggage taken to your travel destination so you get around faster if you are late to connect to a flight.

On the plane, take an aisle seat

An aisle seat can save you from missing your connecting flight. Sometimes passengers have to wait until other passengers disembark before they leave. By choosing an aisle seat either at the front or right at the back allows one to maneuver swiftly to their next flight.