'Instagram is growing in popularity and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today.'

Cape Town - If a picture says a thousand words, then what can a whole feed of beautiful travel pictures say to an avid traveller? With Instagram continuing to grow in popularity, armchair travellers and adventure seekers are getting their daily fix from some of the most exciting travellers who are documenting their own adventures.

Travel search platform Cheapflights.co.za has picked their top five travel instagrammers who provide the best daily doses of inspiration.

Andrew Shelton, managing director at Cheapflights.co.za says: “Instagram is growing in popularity and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. Most people are turning to the app to find up to the minute news and inspiration about places they want to travel to.

“My top tip: before travelling somewhere, use Instagram as a virtual travel guide, and search all the tags for that destination and some inside tips from real people on places to go that may not be in the usual travel guide books. It also works well to follow the official pages of the destination or tourist boards to see what they suggest”.


1. Best adventure photography @mrbenbrown

With over half a million subscribers on his vlog (which originally brought about his fame), Ben Brown gives his audience a front row seat to his adventures. A scroll through his feed gives a showcase of his journeys across the world. Whether it’s a snap from a helicopter or a high-celling building, Ben’s snaps always involve some adventure and an adrenalin rush.



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2. Best landscape photography @earthpix

From wildlife to cityscape shots, Earthpix unveils some of the world’s more unexplored places with breathtakingly beautiful shots.




3. Best couple photography @muradosmann

Power couple @Muradosmann and @Natalyosmann take their followers on a journey to discover new places. Nataly is the focal feature of most photographs, shown leading Murad by hand to some of the world’s most interesting destinations. They made the hashtag #followmeto famous, with many couples now creating their own versions of Murad and Nataly’s photographs.



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4. Best earth and nature photography @travelingourplanet

Followers submit their own photos to this account, giving a snapshot into the daily lives of world travellers. The feed features everything from hotel views, to peaceful sunsets and daily glimpses into everyday life.




5. Best conceptual photography @howfarfromhome

The couple behind @howfarfromhome quit their jobs to travel the world and share it on Instagram. Their feed features a daily snapshot of where they currently are in the world, with them holding a placard up to let others know exactly how many kilometres away they are from home.



Adapted from a press release for IOL

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