Now there is no excuse for you not take your dog on a holiday. Why not try Barkly East?, pictured, or Clarens? or Prince Albert? Pictures: Supplied.

It is the year of the dog, and what better a way to celebrate these felines with a well deserved holiday in some of the country’s most stunning pet-friendly Airbnb spots.

The Chinese New Year is on February 16, and the festival starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice and lasts around two weeks.

Here is a list of  pet-friendly Airbnb homes to visit across South Africa:

Barkly East

Nestled in the Southern Drakensburg, Barkly East is the type of town you visit when you want to escape the rush of modern life. Everything slows down here and you and your pooch can relax in peace and tranquillity in nature. There are many trails for lovely walks and ball catching – it’s truly a dog’s life this town.

Stay on a stunning sheep farm in the countryside to fully enjoy this area with your dog. Undoubtedly your faithful friend will enjoy the open spaces and the designated areas where they can freely run around. 

Seeing as the cottage garden is not fenced off, your pooch will have the pleasure of staying indoors with their humans and go on leashed walks with their owners when they want to explore the farm.

Cost: R704/night


This riverside village is located in the Overberg area of the Western Cape. It boasts a variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by dogs and their humans alike. With its Victorian-esque buildings, slow pace, mountains and rivers, Stanford makes for a wonderful weekend retreat away from the city.

If you want a room with a view, then Red Rooster Farmhouse is just what you need. Look out onto the Kleinriver Mountains and enjoy a spacious home and a big outdoor area. The quaint patio is a wonderful spot that both you and your dog can use to simply relax and take in all that surrounds you on this farm.

Cost: R2 196/night


Situated in the Eastern Cape, Clarens is a small town on the slopes of the Maloti Mountain. With activities such as hiking and nature walks as well as numerous dams, rivers and streams dotted about, it’s the perfect little town for you and your loyal hound to explore.

Stay at Lola’s self-catering accommodation for a touch of luxury in the countryside. With large lawns, open spaces and a patio where you can soak up the sun, both you and your dog will find it difficult to leave this Airbnb home. The unit is completely private and fenced with its own gate to the property.

Cost: R1 504/night

Prince Albert

This Karoo town sits at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains. It’s surrounded by olive and fruit farms as well as some top vineyards. This town is over 250 years old and offers a number of great activities for you and your dog to enjoy. It’s also the perfect place to do some star gazing – there are many nights when the sky is clear and you can just enjoy the twinkling lights above.

Just a quick browse of Airbnb shows that there are many  pet-friendly Prince Albert based homes that you can enjoy. Geduld is one of them. This six-sleeper accommodation is on the edge of town and overlooks peaceful farmlands. It’s close to everything (but then again, so are most things in Prince Albert), so you and your furry friend can go on many walks to get to all the places you wish to see.

Cost: R800/night