December may be two months away, but its important to tick your checklist now. Picture: Pexels

The December holidays are two months away, but it's always good to have the essentials handy so that when it comes to your trip, you have everything under control. 

With the help of HomingPin, we share some essentials that every traveller should consider before a trip.

If you travelling abroad, make sure you have your passport ready. If you need to get one, I suggest you visit the Department of Home Affairs soon, as it takes 4 to 8 weeks to have one done.


Find out whether the country you are visiting requires visas or not. If they do, make sure that all is arranged before your trip. My suggestion is to get your visa done before you book your flight or shortly afterwards. Obtaining visas at this time of the year can be tricky, especially with the influx of travellers during the December period.

Credit/debit cards

There is always that weariness about travelling with cards,  which is why one needs to arrange an appointment with their bank to weigh your pros and cons of taking cards with you. A traveller’s card is also a great option.

Foreign currency

Be smart about your money and exchange it before you leave. There are many scammers in different countries who cannot wait to make some bucks from unsuspecting tourists

Birth certificates and certified documentation for children

There are several rules when it comes to the travel documents of children. Make sure that you end up planning those at least two months ahead of your trip, so pretty much now.

International Driver’s License

If you are road tripping to some foreign city, have an international driver's license in handy. The last thing you need is having your trip cancelled because you are not allowed to drive.

Airline ticket

This may seem like a trivial matter, but trust me, people actually forget their airline tickets at home or at hotel rooms. Make sure all your travel documents are in one place or opt to get a digital airline ticket.

Emergency contact details

Anything can happen on a trip, so always have numbers of contact people handy for when there is a travel emergency.

Set up roaming for your phone

If you do not want to have lots of data costs when you are back,  set the roaming on your phone or alert your mobile provider to assist you.