Every Tuesday, Twitter users share their travel tips. One user shared their pet travel tip. Picture: Pexels.

Every Tuesday, Twitter users share their travel tips. Here are some of the tweets that could help you on your next travel trip

Pet travel

Magic Destinations shares important pet travel tips:  The tweet read: “When travelling with pets, it's important to keep a travel-friendly pet kit! Car troubles or weather conditions might delay your travels, so a kit with extra food, water, first aid supplies, vet info, and toys can come in handy…” (sic). 

Airport rules

JC Cervantes believes in the 3-2-1 rule....

Visa requirements

Katie Oswald‏ shares her tip on visa requirements: “Tuesday travel tip: If you are travelling somewhere that requires a visa, start the process at least two months in advance. It can be long and confusing.” (sic). 


Pamela Siems‏ gives advice on respecting locals. “If you think Parisians are rude, it might just be that you’re not saying hello. It's considered the height of rudeness to not greet someone. Anytime you walk into a store, you will be greeted, you must greet the shop-person back.”

Departure tax

Girl about the Globe‏ tweeted about departure tax, which some countries such as Mexico, Malaysia and Panama charge when travellers leave the country.