Mini flex tripod by Kobratech. Picture: Kobratech
Mini flex tripod by Kobratech. Picture: Kobratech

Useful gadgets to use while travelling

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Jul 23, 2018

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Whether we like it or not, gadgets and smartphones have become a part of our travel experiences - as a lot of photos and videos are shared by travellers about their experiences in different destinations, through gadgets like GoPro cameras, or applications like Instagram and Snapchat. 

Along with the evolution of technology through basic necessities like navigation, booking accommodation or buying tickets for tourist attractions, gadgets have now become some of the ultimate accessories to include on one’s travels. Here are some gadgets that are worth packing in your travel bags.

1) Mini tripod

There has been an increase in social-media platforms becoming personal broadcasters (see Facebook Live and Instagram’s new TV feature), with a lot of people creating visual content using their smartphones and equipment that is specifically tailored to accommodate gadgets like GoPro cameras and smartphones. 

This mini tripod by Kobra Tech is an example of tripods that are made for smartphones. [See Kobra Tech Flexible Tripod for iPhone or Android on - R835]

Kobratech mini-flex tripod. Picture: Kobratech

2)  Smartphone selfie lights

The Kardashians, South African musician Shekinah and other celebrities have made the famous selfie light as popular as it is, but what is interesting about the selfie light is the qualities that it has. 

The selfie light (see SelfieLight Pro) offers lighting that brings the opportunity for great photos and videos in areas that have bad lighting or dark spaces. It’s a convenient product not just for selfies. [See SelfieLight Pro by Selfie Light - R450]

The Selfie Light Pro accessory. Picture: Selfie Light

3) GoPro camera

What is an adventure filled with adrenaline and exploration nowadays if it’s not filmed? That’s what the culture of social media has become with the evolution of body cameras. 

The GoPro Hero and Action cameras have given travellers and adventurers the opportunity to film some of their best activities as mementoes, or to share with friends on social media. 

It also helps that some of the GoPro products are waterproof and have torch lights, capturing great footage beneath the sea and in badly-lit spaces. [See GoPro Hero 2018 camera on - R3999]

The GoPro Hero 4 2019 Camera. Picture:

4) Clip On Camera Lens

What could the ultimate accessory be to help turn your smartphone into a professional camera? The answer is a clip-on camera lens. Wide-angle lens and 60mm clip-on lens are great accessories for expansive and close up shots wherever you are. 

If investing in a real camera is not in your short-term plans, then investing in clip-on wide angle and 60mm camera lens are the next best thing. 

The only downside is that some clip-on lens can be a bit heavy - making it difficult to hold - but they are worth the purchase in order to capture great shots of your destination.
[See Universal 8in1 Clip On Camera Lens Kit Fisheye +Wide Angle +Macro on - R151] 

Universal 8in1 Clip On Camera Lens Kit. Picture:

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