Make sure you clean your hotel room before use. Picture: Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay.
Make sure you clean your hotel room before use. Picture: Engin_Akyurt/Pixabay.

WATCH: How to clean your hotel room, according to a private flight attendant

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published May 13, 2020

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Most travellers take for granted the cleanliness of their hotel rooms. They assume that everything will be cleaned before their check-in, but most hotel rooms are germ magnets. 

In the age of Covid-19, travellers are becoming aware of how important it is to sanitise surfaces. As travel restrictions are easing across the world and some hotels are reopening its doors, travellers need to sanitise every part of their hotel room before enjoying its amenities.  

A private flight attendant, known as Skyqueen on her YouTube channel, shared a video on how she cleans her hotel rooms during the pandemic. 

Wearing a mask, she said she usually brings cleaning supplies from home, including disinfectant spray. She starts by spraying her shoes and suitcase before she starts cleaning the room. 


The flight attendant goes around the hotel room wiping down surfaces like door handles, light switches, the nightstands, television, and coffee making facilities with sanitary wipes. 

Skyqueen also brings empty ziplock bags where she places items like the remote control for easy use during her stay.

She said: “The scariest thing for me is that coronavirus supposedly can live on surfaces and fabrics and clothes for up to 17 days. I read a report that a cruise ship that has infected passengers went back 17 days later and still found the coronavirus in the rooms.”

Skyqueen also uses disinfectant spray over the bed areas, from the sheets and pillowcases, before using rubbing alcohol on her phones and other equipment that she used. 

She recommends that travellers throw away all the wiping down items and wash their hands with hot water afterwards. 

She said travellers should bring reusable bags to put dirty clothes, so it does not contaminate other items in your suitcase. 

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