The original Spice Bus from the Spice World movie is available on Airbnb in the Isle of Wight, UK. Picture by Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The accommodation you choose for your next vacation might just be on four wheels, on train tracks, a lake or even have wings.

More and more travellers are opting for movable accommodation and not just a standard bed and breakfast or hotel.

The accommodation itself is an adventure and more often than not also a significant pop culture story behind it.

People are clambering to book a bed on the bus that was featured in the 1997 Spice Girls movie, or to sleep in an Apollo 11 replica.

These unique stays are a great way for travellers to add just another memory and social media post to their adventures when they leave home.

The team at Airbnb confirms that they have created magical retreats out of more than 280 000 unique places to stay

Many of these hosts have gotten extra creative in recreating or renovating moveable spaces such as planes, trains, boats and buses.

So the dwellings are transformed them into idyllic spaces fit for a tourist or even someone booking a longer stay.

Airbnb says that guests have caught on to the trend, with moveable stays being wishlisted more than 2 million times this year.

This is an increase on the Airbnb site compared to 1.5 million times in 2018.

At last count there were more than 13 000 RVs and buses, 9 000 boats, over 300 trains, 75 planes and several spaceships to choose from on Airbnb.

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