These are the kind of passengers flight attendants hate. Pexels

Being a flight attendant is by no means all smiles and dishing out chicken or beef meal options. It can be quite a headache when you have just one passenger on board who makes life difficult.

Once you've boarded your flight there's no escape from who you're forced to share your space with and in the case of the air stewards, they have to grin and bear it.

Many times it's adults who have serious anger issues or behavioural problems that the flight attendants need to deal with.

While juggling this, they also need to make sure that everyone of the sometimes 100 people they are serving, are not inconvenienced.

It's all about people management and sometimes also managing decision that people make.

There are even terms for some of the drama that flight attendants face, like First Class Dads.

These are fathers who upgrade their seat to first class to get away from their wife and kids. This means that the flight attendant then has to deal with kids either running up and down the aisle to their dad, or a child crying for their one parent who is not sitting with them.

Spare a thought for the flight attendant next time you board a plane.

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