Here are destinations to avoid, and destinations worth exploring. Picture: Travelwire News
The world’s population grows and more and more people travel with each year passing by. Because of this, some destinations have simply become crowded and not so pleasant to visit. 

We made a list of the destinations you should avoid and where to go instead.

Avoid Barcelona, Go to Extremadura - Spain

With so many tourists, Barcelona’s residents have had enough and they are not even shy of saying it. The Spanish newspapers reported an increase incidence of ‘turismofobia’, which is resident’s “fear” of tourists.   

So, the city is over-crowded all year round, making it quite unpleasant for those who seek to enjoy the beauty of the city.

However, if you wish to sample the delights of urban Spain, try somewhere off the beaten track, such as Extremadura. 

This is quite an overlooked region with a glut of characterful towns. You can find here Merida’s Roman ruins, Trujillo’s quaint back streets and Caceres’ Ciudad Monumental, which will all make your visit worth it. 

Moreover, the area offers open spaces and rolling countryside so you won’t feel suffocated by tour groups.

Avoid Maya Bay, go to Koh Muk - Thailand

This place has been made famous by the Leonardo Di Caprio movie, “The Beach” and it is currently closed to allow Thailand’s Department of National Parks to carry out a rejuvenation program. 

What used to be a little-visited bay is now a must-see destination that draws 4,000 visitors every day. The environment has taken quite a hit and experts claim that up to 75% of its coral has been damaged by boat anchors. 

Maya Bay is believed to reopen in October 2018, but perhaps you should consider skipping this destination on your Thailand tour.

Instead, you could try Ao Sabai on Koh Muk – a dream island paradise. The area is under-visited due to how difficult it is to get there: you’ll need to charter a traditional longtail from Haad Farang to get there, but it will be worth it. 

Swim in the shallow warm waters and head to the nearby Tham Morakot, the Emerald Cave!

Avoid Machu Picchu, go to Moray - Peru 

It sounds difficult but perhaps avoiding Machu Picchu can be a good idea - especially for those who have a fear of large crowds. 

Machu Picchu draws in over hundreds of people annually, with many of them going on hikes up the temples and exploring the ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However the large amount of crowds contributes to the erosion of Peru's most popular destination, and can also ruin the traveller's experience with long queues and waiting times.

A place to visit instead is Moray, another sacred space of the indigenous Inca tribes which holds a number of treasures and ruins which attract a lot of people. The difference between Machu Picchu and Moray is mostly the crowd numbers, but the place holds just enough intrigue as the ruins of Macchu Picchu.