Who doesn't want to enjoy the fantasy of a traditional Christmas?


Cape Town - Just like our taste in food we're not all built the same.

Some of us love the heat that lingers on our palate from a delicious Mexican chilli while others prefer the languid lazy feeling you get after a hearty dish of beef bourguignon.

Theresa Szejwallo, Managing Director for Trafalgar, talks through the range of holidays on offer that are perfect for just about any traveller.


The special occasion traveller

“When you're looking for that out of the ordinary destination to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or a honeymoon choose a destination that is sure to leave great memories for years to come, and Iceland is a superb choice” says Theresa.i


The city slicker traveller

Theresa continues, “grab a bunch of friends and get set for a cultural overload as you uncover the secrets of the ancient Romans in the Colosseum and the Catacombs. And the best of all - no daily packing and unpacking!”


The family traveller

Who doesn't want to enjoy the fantasy of a traditional Christmas? Scents of gluhwein mixed with the smell of roasting chestnuts while you look for ways to warm up while you enjoy the heady atmosphere of Europe in winter.

Here at home our celebrations are largely based on the traditions of the northern hemisphere but without the pomp and ceremony that only a European Christmas can truly deliver.

“Trafalgar's Christmas markets are an excellent way to spend time with family over this festive time and we have three outstanding markets that bring the iconic sights and seasonal delights of Christmas to life,” says Ms Szejwallo.


The 'scratch below the surface' traveller

Much like the French who have the right to call it champagne we all know that only Port that is made in Portugal can be called Port. These are the type of travel facts that are so well known that they're virtually part of our everyday language. But what about going deeper into the destination, what about scratching way below the surface? “For the traveller who wants more than just a sample of the country Trafalgar has crafted the in-depth regional explorer,” says Theresa.


The 'I'm religious about travel' Traveller

If you've always wanted to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land, stand in the shadow of the Wailing Wall or view Moses Promised Land with a group of like-minded travellers then Trafalgar's Best of Israel country explorer is the perfect place to start. Travelling in a group on a pilgrimage to one of the holiest sites in the world for both Christians and Jews is made hassle free by Trafalgar. Why wait until you return to share your holiday memories with colleagues, friends and family? Travel together with like-minded people and share the experience instead.


The 'see and do it all' traveller

If you're a first time traveller who wants to see and do as much as you can to give you a good idea of the places you'd like to visit on your next holiday then a Trafalgar Discovery should be on the cards. These perfectly planned holidays effortlessly take travellers from one country to next, taking in the iconic sights and are the best way to take in as much of the diversity of Europe as possible.


The 'visit friends & relatives' traveller

A big portion of South African's can trace heritage back to Europe and the United Kingdom through migration, colonisation or just job opportunities opening up that required skills not available in our country at the time. It's such a pleasure to be able to visit our northern cousins, aunties and uncles but why leave it at a whistle stop check-in.


The 'got to go now' traveller

Are you the type of traveller that almost always has a bag packed ready for the next trip? Perhaps you have the pet sitter on speed dial to take care of the fur children? It's not always easy to be a spontaneous traveller but when Trafalgar has incredible weekly specials like Italy Bellisimo, which will have you staying on the sun-soaked Isle of Capri and exploring the kaleidoscope of colours, fragrances and tastes that this boot shaped country is renowned for, how can you resist?

Adapted from a press release for IOL