Planning a cruise? Here's what to pack. Picture: Pexels.
Planning a cruise? Here's what to pack. Picture: Pexels.

What to pack for your cruise

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 20, 2018

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Booked a cruise and not sure what to pack? Here are some tips...

T-shirts: Pack a few T-shirts to pair with jeans or shorts. They also come in handy when there are unforeseen accidents that require a change of clothing.

Bikini and swim shorts: No cruise is complete without a bikini or swim shorts. It would be hard to resist a suntan or swim at the pool deck. The number of bikinis and swim shorts you pack will be dependent on the number of days of the cruise.

A good moisturiser: Summer is the perfect time to moisturise and hydrate your skin. Ask your dermatologist to recommend the best one.

Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the harsh sun by applying sunscreen before you step outside. The last thing you want is sunburn when you get back from holiday. 

A shoe for every occasion: Pack a pair of sandals, a good pair of running shoes and a formal pair. These would come in handy for the activities on board.

Something elegant: Dress up for dinner with an elegant dress or suit. 

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