If you love all things travel and ‘Stranger Things’, you’ll love this analogy between our favourite characters. Picture: Instagram/StrangerThingsTV.
If you love all things travel and ‘Stranger Things’, you’ll love this analogy between our favourite characters. Picture: Instagram/StrangerThingsTV.

Which 'Stranger Things' traveller are you?

By Staff reporter Time of article published Dec 19, 2019

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If you love all things travel and ‘Stranger Things’, you’ll love this analogy of our favourite characters. Which one are you? 

Cues the Stranger Things theme song.

The first-time female soloist, aka Eleven

Like Eleven in Stranger Things, women around the world are embarking on first-time journeys of their own to discover more about themselves and the world. 

According to TrekkSoft’s 2019 Travel Trends Report, 25% of millennials plan to travel solo in the next 12 to 24 months, with 67% of solo travellers being female as revealed by Lonely Planet.

Sue Garrett, General Manager for Product and Marketing at Flight Centre Travel Group, said solo travel was once the preserve of only the boldest female travellers, but a shift in attitude has resulted in more women venturing out on their own for a positive and gratifying experience.

“I have just returned from a solo trip to Vietnam and can highly recommend this kind of travel," she said. 

You are Eleven if you like to travel solo and want to use that travel time to discover who you are. 

The independent freestylers, aka Joyce Byers

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thinking about them 🙃

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Like Joyce Byers in season 1 of Stranger Things, independent freestylers are great at thinking on their feet. 
Jessica Clarke, Marketing Executive of Busabout, said independent freestylers know how to navigate during their travels. 
“They don’t always know how to get from A to B but can get themselves out of sticky situations, thanks to their natural travel intuition and ability to simply wing it. 

“These travellers can often be found on guided trips sharing their most entertaining and spontaneous travel stories,” she said. 

You are Joyce Byers if you tend to travel independently, leave the planning to the expert, can navigate your way through different travel situation and tries to take in every experience.

The ultra-prepared adventurers, aka Dustin, Lucas and Mike

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Saturdays are for the boys.

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From their brick-sized walky-talkies to their bikes and backpacks filled with quirky 80s gadgets, the children from ‘Stranger Things’ are the embodiment of those ultra-prepared travellers you’ll encounter on adventure-based group trips. 

Alex Goncalves, General Manager for On the Go travel and tours – South Africa & UAE, said these types of travellers come prepared.

“Whether it’s trekking to the Lost City of Petra in Jordan, or cycling through Cappadocia in Turkey, these travellers are up for more than just the standard highlights. 

“These travellers come prepared, not just with their travel gear and optimal fitness levels. They are deeply conscious about their travel choices and foster a true sense of camaraderie with those around them.” 

Goncalves explained that many types of travellers leaned towards guided adventure trips thanks to the increase in the adventure travel trend. According to Booking.com, 56% of travellers say they want to stick to walking or hiking based trips in 2019.

You are Dustin, Lucas and Mike if you love being prepared and exploring more than just the usual travel attractions. 

The travelling couple, aka Nancy and Steve

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Like Nancy and Steve from ‘Stranger Things’, most couples that travel together have their ups and downs, but ultimately learn to work together, and are always open to helping others along the way.

Kele Scheppers, Marketing Executive of Contiki said travelling couples were like mini travel teams. She said they combine resources and make joint travel decisions. 

“Many gravitate towards organised trips because it takes away much of the stress of daily planning, which can potentially lead to disagreements later on. With less to worry about on guided trips, these couples generally mingle well within the group setting. They can spend time with each other, but also apart, during the free-time add-on activities if they have different interests,” she said. 

You are Nancy and Steve if you prefer travelling with your partner (or have only travelled with your partner) You and your partner bounce ideas off each other easily and travelling with them is entertaining and fun. 

The caring traveller, aka Jim Hopper

Jim, the Chief of Police in Stranger Things, has a true sense of empathy and duty to others. 

Jane Davidson, Director of Development Promotions, said it’s important for travellers to have someone who has the right balance of experience, passion and reliability. 

You are Jim Hopper if you want the trip to be memorable for everyone and go out of your way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a good time. 

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