Picture: Belle Co/Pexels
Picture: Belle Co/Pexels

Which travel friend are you?

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jul 24, 2020

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If you have travelled with a group of friends before, you would know each one of their personalities, including your own.

We explain the four types of travel friends. Which one are you?

The planner

The planner is someone who takes charge of the trip, from booking flights, hotels and activities. They love being organised. However, some may like to take the reigns of being the planner to control everything, which isn't a bad thing. The planner would usually create an itinerary for everyone to follow during the trip.

The enthusiastic packer

This friend doesn't travel light. They pack clothes for every moment of the journey, often lugging around their suitcase just in case they have to make a quick outfit change. Some friends want to be prepared for the unexpected, while others want options for photographs for social media. Either, they do not mind paying extra baggage fees if it means that they get to 'travel-heavy'.

The party animal

You on holiday, so why not enjoy every moment, right? This friend usually starts the party with a drink at the airport lounge, followed by some wine on the plane and lots of partying at the destination. This friend is the life of the party and will convince everyone to get on the dance floor.

The one who fights for the master bedroom

There is always one person who calls dibs on the master bedroom at their holiday rental. This person often plants the idea weeks before the trip, saying to his/her friends: "The master bedroom is mine". This person usually sulks when they are not allocated the master bedroom.

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