Lately, I've noticed a few articles strongly advocating for solo travel. Sure, travelling alone affords a more autonomous experience and freedom but there are also several other advantages that come with group travel. Here are few of them:

Less planning and costs

Travelling in a group allows for more heads to bounce ideas off. As opposed to solo travel where you have to do the stressful planning by yourself, here there are several other people who can assist with planning different aspects of your trip including the choice of flights, accommodation, excursions and dining options. When you travel in a group your leader can arrange group discounts or promotions on various activities and, at times, food and drinks. Many companies will be more than happy to offer cheaper prices to groups of people. 

More authentic experience

Traveling in a group allows for the opportunity to explore a place with a local or more experienced traveller. This means that you’ll be able to experience new things and gain insider knowledge about a particular area, which may not always be the case when travelling alone. When you travel by yourself, in a place that you’re unfamiliar with and a language you may not understand, your experience becomes that much more complicated.

You’ll learn more about your friends and family

Travelling with family and friends isn’t always easy. But travelling with those closest to you often allows you to create shared experiences and lifelong memories, both good and bad. When managed right, this can lead to stronger relationships and a close knit bond amoung the group as you’ll inevitably learn more about the people in your life. Friends and family tend to have a deep understanding of one another, so each experience will be tailored accordingly. Also, everyone loves an inside joke!

You’ll make new friends

If you opt to travel with a group of strangers that’s okay too. A big advantage of group travel is that you can meet new people and make new friends. There are few things more fulfilling than meeting a stranger who shares similar interests to you and is passionate about the same things you’re passionate about. There are few greater ways to create an immediate bond than traveling with others. Sharing memories and moments creates relationships with a new network of friends that usually extends beyond a trip.  

You’ll gain new perspectives and opinions

Few things expand your worldview and perspective more than group travel. Interactions with other travellers allow you to see things differently and learn new things. By interacting with people that you probably wouldn’t normally meet, you’ll probably take something out from their different backgrounds and insights. Also, traveling with someone familiar to a particular city and its various sites offers a more insightful experience.