Clinton Moodley found that a little jog can go a long way when travelling. Picture: Clinton Moodley

 Let’s be honest, the last thing on anyone’s mind when on a holiday is exercise.With all the indulgences that comes with a holiday, skipping a jog or not exercising can happen.

During a trip to Newcastle, I made it my mission to get some jogging during my stay. With all the fish and chips and prawn curry I had eaten, those carbs needed to be shed somehow. Besides, how could I have said no to the stunning trails offered at Vulintaba Country Estate in Newcastle. 

I got up around 5am, washed my face, put on my fitness gear to explore the estate. With the view of the mountains, the estate is home to a golf course and chapel. As I wandered just before sunrise, I felt energised and ready to take on the day’s activities that were planned for our team. 

The sun was making its way up the mountains, but the wind was strong, almost knocking me off my feet a couple of times.

With the volumes on my earphones at full blast as Fall Out Boy played in the background, I admired the view. A few meters away stood a springbok amid the bushes. He peered at me in silence, before hopping away towards the mountains. 

While I burned the extra calories, some from the rosemary crème brûlée I had for dessert the night before, I watched the vast bird life like the Francolin and guinea fowls walk around the area. 

Halfway through my walk, I sat down on a patch of grass as I prepared to watch the sun rise. It's ray's lightened the dark mountain while the wheat flickered in the distance. Sometimes we miss the beauty of a place we travel to because we do not want to get out of our comfort zone.

You may hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and easily dismiss the idea of a morning walk or jog, but trust me it's all part of the experience. 

As I ended my almost 9000 step count, I felt enlightened. I not only exercised, but I was left with a great experience that I will treasure for a long time. 

Besides, when you fit, you can have a guilt free meal at dinner knowing that you worked for it.