A last-minute holiday may just be what one needs to relax and unwind. Picture: Pexels.

Have you ever had the urge to book a flight to somewhere exotic, or a hotel for the weekend at the spur of the moment?

Well, many people with wanderlust find that booking a last minute trip can turn a boring weekend-or week- into something out of this world.

Last minute travel may seem reckless to some, but experts insist it is rewarding.

Modipadi Phoku, a travel expert from Amazing Africa, planned a  last minute holiday to Fourways, Johannesburg recently. She described it as “one of the best memories you’ll ever make.”

“Planning a trip a few months ahead may seem like a logical way of holidaying, but overthinking travel plans may ruin the trip.

“With last minute travel, you live in the moment. You may end up seeing a concert on tour, splurge at an expensive restaurant or do something adventurous,” she said.

Phoku said that airlines and travel agencies run specials that fuels spontaneous travel for people.

“The effort we invest in planning a trip can be time-consuming. Sometimes we need to live a little and embrace every moment as it comes,” she said.