Group trip with close friends makes for good memories. Picture: Supplied

Pack your bags, grab your friends and drive into the sunset - your vacation awaits you.

Going on holiday with a group of friends is all about having fun, creating memories and trying a new experience with a shared interest to travel. It also allows group members to anticipate the next group trip.

Travelling as a group can mean inside jokes, great stories, learning more about how to travel, and plenty of laughs.

Travelling in a group comes with complex planning and ensuring that everything has been arranged, that there is no tension between group members, and that everyone has a good time while on holiday.

A group trip does not necessarily have to be a constant activity, it can happen periodical, perhaps once or twice a year - allowing group members to plan make sure that all matters regarding the trip and its logistics are in order.

Whether you decide to go in a large group of up to 10 people or more or go in a more intimate group of 4, group trips are a great way to bond and reconnect with one another.

Here are a few reasons why going on a group trip is a must:

The first reason is the destination chosen amongst the group. Choosing a popularly known destination or an unknown destination, this decision can actually set the foundation for the mood of the trip.

The purpose of the group trip - for some it may be to just escape from the city or their current busy schedules and catch up with friends over a period of time.

Here’s the best reason: think of all of the memories that will be created while away.

Whether they will be positive or negative memories, the main idea is that as a group will be able to link their trip to the memories created.

Planning a group trip may be difficult, and it will come with its challenges, but the end result is what makes it worth it - having to experience new or similar destinations with close acquaintances, and give group members an idea of what they can expect for the next time they plan another group trip.

A group trip is definitely an experience to enjoy at any age.

It’s much more different than what one might expect with an organised tour or a solo holiday, and sometimes it’s attributed to the fact that you’re travelling as a group.