Visitor Information Centre has many benefits for travellers. Picture: Pexels.
Visitor Information Centre has many benefits for travellers. Picture: Pexels.

Why you should visit the Visitor Information Centre at your next destination

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 12, 2019

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The headline of this story may have left many of you quite confused. Besides, who really has time to visit a destination’s Visitor Information Centre (VIC) when there are many items to tick off from your bucket list. While this may seem absurd, visiting a tourist centre is actually beneficial to a traveller.

Vanessa Gounden of Ugu South Coast Tourism said VIC’s were great for travellers who wanted to know more about a destination.

She shares her tips:

It creates a convenient place for visitors: Gounden said most VIC’s offer basic facilities, such as touchscreens, internet café, and vending machines- everything a traveller needs to get their travels started.

It provides updated information about the destination: The internet isn’t always reliable. Some places online may have closed down or may not be reputable. “The centre will allow for travellers to hear more about the destination, and help them choose reputable businesses and hotels,” said Gounden.

You will know about their discount: A tourism office is there to promote a destination, so they will offer a few discounts to entice visitors.  “Make an inquiry about their discounts, you never know it may be your lucky day,” she said.

They have the insider information on hidden gem spots: If you one of those tourists who want unique experiences away from the crowds, then the tourism office is the right place to ask. Every year, a destination promotes new attractions. The staff will be clued up on the less touristy places.

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