Dawn Jorgensen is currently heading One&Only Cape Town's Insta-Walks.

Cape Town - In honour of National Women’s Day, we’ve gone in search of local female travel bloggers that inspire us to explore the world beyond our doorstep and bring out the wanderlust in us.

Here’s a list of IOL Travel’s top five female travel bloggers.


Meruschka aka Mzansigirl is probably one of South Africa’s most influential travel bloggers. She describes herself as a Africa travel activist, experience seeker and tourism thinker. According to her blog, her first independent African travel experience was backpacking from Joburg to Malawi via Mozambique in 2003.



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Why we love her: Because she’s an Afrophile at heart, loving all things African

Blog: www.mzansigirl.com


Dawn Jorgensen

Founder of the Incidental Tourist blog in 2010, Dawn covers both local and international travel destinations. Her Instagram posts are peppered with colourful snaps of places off the beaten track. She describes herself as a conscious traveller and often writes about places and its people.

Why we love her: Because she’s a big supporter of conservation campaigns



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Blog: theincidentaltourist.com/


Sarah Duff

A writer and professional photographer, Sarah has more than 22.2K followers on Twitter. A freelance writer for major travel publications, her work has taken her to the far-flung reaches of the world, including Costa Rica.

Why we love her: She’s living the dream...




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The Roaming Giraffe

Describing herself as a pint-sized travel writer with a camera, Di blogs about her adventures and is an active user on social media. She’s also a huge supporter of local travel initiatives and is currently involved in the #ShotLeft campaign.



Why we love her: She’s loving what she’s doing and it shows

Blog: jabedi.com


Sarah Khan

Originally from the US, Sarah now resides in Cape Town. Her blog The South AfriKhan is a hilarious take on her travel escapades. She’s even created the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsSarahKhan so her followers can keep abreast of her latest adventures.



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Why we love her: She’s quirky and cute, need we say more?

Blog: www.southafrikhan.com