Make time for a weekend trip when you not at the office. Picture: Pexels.
Make time for a weekend trip when you not at the office. Picture: Pexels.

Working this festive season? Make weekend travel a priority

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 22, 2018

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Not everyone is fortunate to go on leave this upcoming holiday season. While some sip cocktails by the pool, others will be hard at work meeting company deadlines. Experts say that working during the holidays shouldn’t be a reason for non-travel.

Modipadi Phoku from Amazing Africa said the weekend is a time for people to get some quiet time and tranquillity.
“In the busy lives that we lead, travelling or holidaying has become a necessity. It allows travellers to get some air and relax. If the only time to travel is during your weekends, grab that chance with all you have,” she said.
She said most people have the perception that a holiday needs to be extravagant or out of town.
Phoku said only a handful of people were able to afford big holidays to places like Dubai, Paris or Seychelles during the festive season.
"A weekend trip to the lake or a local nature reserve can be regarded as a trip. With the tough economy, not everyone can book in a  luxury chalet for the weekend. Therefore a few local places can still be regarded as travel,” she said.

Here’s how you can book a perfect weekend travel trip:

Check your budget: Determine how much money you want to spend and stick with it. Your budget will determine which types of places you can stay at or tourist destinations you could visit. Phoku said that people need to be realistic when they create a budget. They need to factor in transport, food and accommodation(if they are spending the night somewhere).

Choose a destination: Once you decide on your budget, it’s easier to choose your destination. Phoku said it would not make sense to visit another province if flights and accommodation cost a fortune.
“There are many budget-friendly activities and accommodation to visit,” she said.

Enjoy the journey: Once you have secured your travel plans, enjoy the journey. Phoku said it would be a much-needed break for those who are still at the office during the festive season.  

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