Big Ben.
Big Ben.
The Sphinx.
The Sphinx.
Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Leaning Tower of Pisa.

From sprawling temples and iconic statues to pristine beaches and natural wonders - these are among the world's most famed landmarks.

But you certainly can't please everyone.

In a collection of comically scathing reviews left on TripAdvisor over the years, tourists have slated everywhere from the Grand Canyon to Disneyland.

One traveller from Singapore described the Eiffel Tower in Paris as being merely 'a piece of rusted iron'.

Another wrote of their disappointment regarding Tumon, the most popular beach on the island of Guam, describing it as being 'too sandy'.

Here are some of the most confounding rants on the history of the site.

* Eiffel Tower - 'piece of rusted iron'

This unimpressed tourist from Singapore described Paris' famed Eiffel Tower merely as a 'piece of rusted iron', and wasn't too keen on the 'touts' circling the crowd either

Edinburgh Castle - 'the most boring place in Scotland'

Writing about Edinburgh Castle, this Scottish reviewer added: 'The displays were not very realistic or exciting and pretty cringe-worthy. The staff at the ticket booth and the lady checking tickets when we went in were friendly and helpful. The two men 'guarding' the prison, however, were the most dour-looking people ever, they were probably depressed about having to work in the most boring place in Scotland... There was a guy outside the castle dressed as Mel Gibson [...] He looked like a right pillock'

Angkor Wat - 'rubbish if it's raining'

You wat? This Scottish traveller likened Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple to 'a bit like having sex outdoors' - in that it's 'rubbish if it's raining', among other reasons

Tumon, Guam - 'too sandy'

One Hawaiian reviewer of Tumon, the most popular beach on the island of Guam, described it as being 'too sandy' in what surely must be a joke

Christ the Redeemer - 'just a concrete pillar'

For some, Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro is a pillar of its cultural heritage. For this Japanese tourist it's 'just a concrete pillar'

Big Ben - 'a lot of fuss over nothing'

Similarly, another tourist was underwhelmed by London's Big Ben, for effectively being nothing but 'a huge clock'

Grand Canyon - 'overblown sandy ditch'

In this case, a visitor described the American Grand Canyon, considered by many as being one of nature's greatest wonders, as 'an overblown sandy ditch'

The Sphinx - 'tiny'

A British tourist described the Sphinx in Egypt as 'tiny' and suggested that photographers 'must use Photoshop to blow it up'

Statue of Liberty - 'felt like cattle'

It was far too much hassle for this visitor to New York's Statue of Liberty, who 'felt like cattle' and who wrote: 'Now I know how my ancestors felt'

Leaning Tower of Pisa

It what might just be the strangest yet, this character described the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy as being 'wonkey' [sic] - the precise reason most people flock to see it.

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