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Destination is everything when it comes to packing for a weekend away. Some guys would usually throw together a few shirts and shorts and they are good to go, but not me. Packing for travels have become sort of an art for me since I am out and about quite regularly.  I tend to plan my outfits after researching the weather forecast of the particular destination. It is from there I can predict what works and what does not. Here are some of my favourite clothing items that I would usually pack for a weekend away.


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A good pair of jeans is essential. I usually take one or two, depending on the duration of my stay. The versatility of the jean is phenomenal. One can literally mix and match it with any outfit. I usually go for a black or denim pair.


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I usually pack more t-shirts than any other item of clothing simply because anything can happen during a trip that may require you to change clothes. In colder weather, pack a longer length tee, but keep it to black, beige or white as you can use it with more than one t-shirt.


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No matter the weather, always have a jacket on standby. The weather can be unpredictable going from hot to cold in minutes. My thinking is that I would rather have it then freeze without it.

Something formal

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Ever planned an impromptu trip to a classy venue, but was turned away because you went with your sandals and shorts? I have made that mistake in the past. Now I pack something formal, from a formal shirt or a pair of pants.

Good pair of shoes

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I know of women who pack a whole bag filled with their shoes. With men, it's much more simple. My choices will be a sneaker, nothing to bright, sandals if you are at a beach location and some running shoes because one should always make time for a workout no matter how far they are travelling.

* These are the views of Clinton Moodley. You can mix and match your items of clothing according to your personal style.

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