Columbia range of jackets have lots of pockets.

Gone are the days when men should only wear anoraks when it is winter. Fashion expert Aseema Kazi says that when you out on your travel adventure, a quality winter jacket is a practical way to stay warm and comfortable during winter.

Kazi shares some of her tips on choosing the perfect winter jacket.

“You need to ask yourself three things when choosing that jacket. is it waterproof, is it durable/reliable enough for travelling and will it keep you warm?

“Your coat is one of the most important items you’ll use to keep warm. Men would want something that is going to stand up to the rigors of travel and moving around a lot on a regular basis.  Also remember a winter jacket should also keep you warm.

“A waterproof winter jacket helps when you in areas that snow or rain frequently. A waterproof coat will also be useful if you plan on participating in some winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or  ice skating when you’re abroad.,” she said.


Here are her top picks:


One that will last you many years

The North Face brand and range of jackets is a great choice if you’re looking for the best winter jacket for travel. The perks of having it is that it lasts long, has elastic cuffs, is fully waterproof and synthetic insulated.

“One of my favorite things about the North Face Thermoball is how small you can pack it down. It doesn’t come with its own bag, but if you’re using a packing cube or you have your own stuff sack you can really shove it in there and it’s actually hilarious how small it can get inside your backpack or suitcase,” she said.


Pocket plentiful


Columbia’s  Alpine Action jacket has a waterproof outer shell, removable hood, adjustable bottom and plenty of pockets.

“It is a solid choice if you’re looking for a winter coat for traveling throughout Europe.

It’s not that heavy so it’s portable enough to toss in your backpack or carry around without too much effort.

“With a waterproof outer shell you’ll definitely stay dry during and serious snowfall or heavy rain you might experience,” she said.

Columbia range of jackets have lots of pockets.

Looks good, keeps warm

Kazi says the Abercrombie & Fitch camel duffle coat is the perfect completer piece to any casual winter outfit.

“It looks especially cool layered over a navy turtleneck and keeps you warm.” She also recommends the Superdry Snow Edition. “With its layers of warmth and fur collar piece, you are sure to be super warm and super trendy at the same time,” she added.

Abercrombie & Fitch camel duffle coat keeps you stylish and warm at the same time.