Turkish Airlines will broadcast the Superbowl live on their flights on February 4. Picture: Eric Greer.

Super Bowl fans travelling with any Turkish Airlines flights with internet connection this Sunday will get a chance to watch the iconic sports game.

The match  between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the biggest anticipated sporting events of the year.

 Justin Timberlake will headline this year’s event for the third time.

Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Turkish Airlines, said the airline was excited to bring America’s most watched television event to its passengers as part of its in-flight entertainment.

“We fly to more destinations than any airline in the world and know that many thousands of Super Bowl fans will be in mid-air during the game. We do not want them to miss out on the action,:  he said.

 Turkish Airlines will also launch their  new television commercial, featuring famous heart surgeon and TV personality Dr. Oz, during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

 A preview of the commercial video can be viewed here: