Two year old Mila Stauffer has left everyone in stitches with her great travel commentary.

Two-year-old Mila Stauffer has taken social media by storm recently, sharing her honest experiences about people and life.
The bubbly toddler has been ranting on her mother’s YouTube channel, and her massive fan base cannot wait to hear what she has to say next.
From chatty passengers on a plane to airport security, Mila has her candid views on anything and everything.
On her chatty passenger video that garnered over 400 000 views, she talks about a passenger by the name of ‘Kathy’ who could not stop talking to her on the plane.
"Got my seat right by chatty Kathy. Who are you, why are you so interested in my life,” she says, clearly not happy at the situation.
Mila goes on, “Clearly I am trying to relax on this plane ride. I think to myself, how do I get this lady to stop talking to me.”
Eventually the chatty passenger became silent.
Mila, clearly happy with herself, confidently found a solution: “Then a miracle happened, I pooped in my diaper”
In another video, she rants about airport security.
She complains about the long lines that a two year old has to endure, calling it ridiculous. When the airport security told her to take out her shoes and wanted her sippy cup, she was not amused.
Watch Mila’s videos below: