WATCH: Flight attendant shares nine reasons why you can be kicked off a flight

Passengers boarding a flight. Picture: Natã Romualdo / Pexels

Passengers boarding a flight. Picture: Natã Romualdo / Pexels

Published Jun 19, 2024


You might think that you are ready for a flight and safe to board but here are nine reasons why you could possibly be booted off a plane.

Flight attendant Jeenie, who goes by jeenie.weenie on TikTok, took to the app to share reasons why people can get kicked off a plane.

The video titled “Reasons airlines can deny you boarding” has gone viral with over one million views and 146,000 likes.

From being stinky to highly pregnant, here are nine reasons why you can be denied boarding.

If you feel sick and about to puke, a flight attendant will not let you on board.

For those who like to enjoy a couple of drinks before a flight, being heavily intoxicated is not a good idea.

Trying to board a flight barefoot is another no-no.

“For our larger passengers. If you cannot safely put on your seatbelt with a seatbelt extender the flight attendants can deny you boarding,” Jeenie warns.

Next up is a warning to pregnant women. She says that if you look “really really pregnant” and you don’t have a doctor’s note to prove how many weeks you are, then they will not allow you on the flight.

@jeenie.weenie Beware! Airlines can deny you boarding for these reasons! #flights ♬ original sound - JEENIE

“Before a flight, it might be wise for you to get family or friend to sniff you because if you have bad body odour, we can deny you boarding,” she adds.

On the topic of bad smells, she advises travellers to not try and board with anything stinky either.

She then warns that what you wear could possibly get you booted as well.

While some airlines might have strict dress codes, others don’t. However dressing too sexily and showing too much flesh is unacceptable.

Lastly, she warns that if you have a bad attitude problem, you will not be able to board.