WATCH: VIP flight attendant talks embarrassing boy band stories, week-long layovers and onboard emergencies

A VIP flight attendant named Dimi gets candid about her job, including how to handle jetlag. Picture: Instagram/flyhealthy.dimi.

A VIP flight attendant named Dimi gets candid about her job, including how to handle jetlag. Picture: Instagram/flyhealthy.dimi.

Published Jun 17, 2020


There are flight attendants, and then there are VIP flight attendants. Dimi, who is a corporate flight attendant, shared the secrets of being a VIP flight attendant on pilot Patrick Biedenkapp YouTube channel. She said: "A private jet is owned or chartered by one person or up to 13 to 15 people. Sometimes it's a family, or sometimes it's one person travelling on a business trip. We have to provide the best catering for them. We have to arrange the menu to make the flight as comfortable as we can."

Unlike commercial airlines, Dimi is the only flight attendant on board with two or three pilots. The super luxury jets are top level, boasting only the best amenities for travellers. 

Dimi said there were many reasons why she decided to become a flight attendant. 

"I mean, there are too many reasons. It starts with seeing sunsets and sunrises while flying. This is one of the most beautiful situations. And then, discovering the world, discovering the cultures, discovering the local food. I am a food lover, "she said.  

Dimi's job sees her travel across the world, spending layovers in exotic locations like Thailand, St Maarten, Lisbon, and Switzerland. 

"Sometimes we have a week in the Caribbean and then we weeks when we flying every single day. It depends on the passenger, " she said.  

While there may be many perks to the job, Dimi does reveal that it has some challenges. 

"Luckily, my job has many positive sides, but there are negative sides. For example, missing special events with family and friends." As Demi travels with celebrities and other high profile passengers, she cannot divulge any names of these a-listers. However, she did mention an embarrassing story with a boyband when she travelled with them for three weeks on their tour. 

"I was flying with a very, very famous boy group during their South American tour. One of those guys was always standing in the galley next to me. I was preparing the plates and he was standing next to me. He wanted to go on a date with me. It's sometimes a little bit difficult to say no, but you have to. In this job, it's very unprofessional to say, of course, I can go on a date," she said. She also got candid about an emergency situation she had on board. She said she and the pilots were flying a ferry flight, a flight without passengers. 

"I was sleeping because it was night. The pilot was switching on and off all the seatbelt signs to wake me. He was screaming 'Dimi, Dimi' I woke up and saw the co-pilot lying on the floor. He was unconscious because of food poisoning. He eventually woke up and I managed to treat him, " she said.

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 She shared tips on how to deal with jetlag: "I really try to avoid jetlag, or try to get into the new timezone as soon as possible. For example, when you entering the airplane, start eating like if you were in the new time zone, set your watch, or have a power nap, or meditate, "she said. 

Her favourite travel destinations include Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro and Berlin. 

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