Take this weekend to enjoy the whales in Durban. Pictures: Supplied.

Fancy seeing whales in Durban, well you may just be lucky enough to see them in June and July.

To coincide with the arrival, SoDurba( South Durban Tourism) will host a Whale Festival on Saturday, June 24, at the Anstey’s Beach on the Bluff.

Here families will be treated to an assortment of games and activities while on the lookout for whales.

Chairwoman of SoDurba, Helga du Preez, said the annual event was focussed towards families and those who want to take a peek at the sea’s largest mammal.

Among the highlights of the festival include a three hour Rocky Shore Walk, market, yoga and sport tournaments.

“Many of the whales we see at sea are migrating whales on their way to Hermanus in the Western Cape. Over the last two weeks we have seen their activity increase tremendously and many of them can be seen with a naked eye.

“Durban definitely has what it takes to promote whale season. We already have permits that allow for boat cruises to see the whales. It is a matter of time when we can turn this into a lucrative tourist spot,” she said.

Du Preez said Durban has so many different tourist spots and by combining whale watching, it would be a hit.

“We are hoping to devise some packages. In 5 years we are hoping to grow this bigger and draw in more tourists to Durban during the June-August season,” she said.



Some spots to see the whales in Durban


Treasure Beach Educational Centre

Address: 835 Marine Dr, Brighton Beach, Durban, 4052

Phone: 031 467 8507


Guest houses on Marine Drive

There are a number of guest houses where one can view the whales. However, one would have to be a visitor to gain entry.

Durban beachfront

Du Preez says the Durban promenade offers great views, if you look hard enough.


Boat cruises at Wilson Wharf


There are special tours for whale watching, contact 031 467 0404.