Clinton Moodley spoke to some of SA’s top names to find out their long weekend plans:

Arno Carstens, South African musician

What does Freedom Day mean to you? For me it's a celebration of freedom, but every individual will have their own interpretation of what the day means.

What are the plans for the long weekend? I will be driving up to Stilbaai in the Western Cape where I will be performing a show at the Press Room on April 28, followed by shows in Struisbaai and Hermanus that weekend. My wife and son will be with me so family time will definitely be had during this time. You can say it will be a work holiday.

Travel tips for readers?  If you are driving, make sure you download audio books for the car. It is great for the whole family and very relaxing. There are audio book apps that cater for everyone.

Aewon Wolf, South African singer

What does Freedom Day mean to you? It is reminder of the privilege of voting and the sacrifices people made for our country.

What are the plans for the long weekend? I will be in Durban. I have two gigs, one at the Rivertown district and the other at La Vue. I have not planned anything else.

Travel tips for readers? Those travelling should be safe on the roads and try to have as much fun without breaking the bank. There are always inexpensive activities one can do in their city.

DJ Tira, International South African DJ

What does Freedom Day mean to you? With Freedom Day comes many responsibilities. It is important that we as South Africans do not misuse our freedom, but rather enjoy and look after each other despite the colour of our skin.

What are the plans for the long weekend? I have just come back from my international tour where I performed in New York and United Kingdom. This weekend I will be performing in three cities in South Africa. On Friday, I will be in Port Elizabeth followed by Cape Town on Saturday and I will end the festivities in Rustenburg on Sunday.

Travel tips for readers? Have adequate rest before and during a road trip and be safe on the roads.

Donnalee Roberts, Actress

What does Freedom Day mean to you? I love our country and I am a proud South African. Freedom Day to me is a celebration of the wonderful diversity that makes up our country. It is a reminder to all of us that we should embrace each other, celebrate each other and stand united as South Africans  to ensure a brighter future for all generations to come.

What are the plans for the long weekend? I will be performing with our theatre play 'Beurtkrag' at the Marchant Festival  in the Northern Cape.

Travel tips for readers? If you are traveling far, instead of just pushing through to your destination and spending long tiresome hours on the road driving, plan your trip in a way that the 'road trip' to your destination becomes part of your holiday. Plan stops, even if they are short, so that you can rest but also in which you can start making memories while exploring and taking in more lovely sights along the way.

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