We look at places in the world where you can have delicious and reasonably priced burgers. Photo: Supplied
Traveling as a young person also means eating out on a budget. In this list, we feature all the spots in some of our favourite tourist friendly cities where you can eat a burger for under R150. And cheap doesn't necessarily mean that you must have a bad tasting meal either. 

1. New York City, USA

While the city that never sleeps can easily be considered one of the more expensive cities in the world, there are some good burgers for reasonable prices. These burgers are fast food styled, so you can expect the greasy  awesomeness that you associate with your favourite burger joint. Called Hard Times Sundaes, the place offers burgers that can be stacked up to three patties in one burger, and topped with lettuce, tomato, diced or grilled onion, mushrooms, pickles and jalapeno.  Additionals like bacon, chili and cheese come at a cost.  The single and double burgers are both under R150. 

2. Paris, France 

Gourmet burgers are the next best thing. At Blend, a restaurant in Paris, burger patties are made from meat that's ground daily by the butcher associated to the establishment. They are juicy and simply gorgeous to look at. While some burgers are on the expensive side, there are some that are reasonably priced. 

3. Toronto, Canada

A restaurant called Wahlburgers  in Toronto at the airport's ,  will give you a classic burger that will keep you satisfied. The burgers are simple and the restaurant promises enjoyment from this simplicity. 

4. Sydney, Australia 

Crisp in the New South Wales has a varied menu that gives burger enthusiasts many options to add to their burgers. Whether its spicy harissa mayo, peppers or herb aioli the burgers have added into them tasty flavour elements to make the burgers a little more exciting. 

          Crisp burgers. Photo: Burger Guide