Let's all take a moment to celebrate millennial travellers. They are changing the face of travel. As Millennials continue to explore the world (whether through bleisure or purely leisure) their preferences as the biggest group of travellers will continue to reshape the international travel industry for decades to come. list the three places millennials are travelling to and why:

Finland – With saunas, snow, the Northern Lights in winter, hiking, beaches, stunning scenery and cultured cities in the summer, Finland should be on everyone’s travel to-do list. This year may be the best year to visit, as it is their 100th birthday celebration, which runs throughout the year. Celebration spots include a giant snow castle, housing a snow restaurant, snow hotel and even a snow chapel. There’s also a wine festival with five 100th anniversary wines and a grand ball to mark the birthday itself. 

Polynesia – If “Frozen” is any measure, even an animated movie can turn a remote location into a popular destination. Just as the “The Lord of the Rings” movies spiked interest in New Zealand, which played the role of Middle Earth, visits to Norway increased by 20% after Disney brought the winter wonderland of Scandinavia to life in “Frozen.” Now the recently released “Moana” shines the spotlight on the incredibly scenic South Pacific, drawing inspiration from places like Hawaii, Tahiti and Cook Islands. While this may not be the most accessible destination for travellers, there is expected to be an increasingly swelling tide of visits, first from fans and then from those who have learnt more about Polynesia from the media attention.

Canada – All of Canada will be taking part in the country’s rolling 150th anniversary this year. Starting from New Year’s Eve, every event will be bigger and better; and every city and town will be getting in on the action with festivities and celebrations. Montreal will be doubling down on its celebrations, as 2017 also marks the city’s 375th anniversary. There will be 102 events throughout the city and the year, to be kicked off by lighting up the Expo 67 Biosphere. Look for everything from pop-up art galleries to seasonal festivals, and from neighbourhood celebrations to a concert featuring three orchestras and hundreds of performers. In a year when Canada is a hot spot for travel, Montreal looks to be a particularly big draw.