Togo has great beaches, scenic spots and busy markets to make any holiday a memorable one.
Togo has great beaches, scenic spots and busy markets to make any holiday a memorable one.

Why you should visit Togo

By Travel Writer Time of article published Aug 14, 2017

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When you visit a place, you should discover. In the case of Togo, there is much to discover in this West African country. Did you know that Togo is known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. We list some must see places when you visit Togo.

Go on a hike

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The beauty of Togo will be wasted if you do not take a hike up its beautiful mountains that overlooks some of the most gorgeous views in the county. One of the sites to visit on a hike is Togo’s highest peak called Mount Agou. Located near the Ghana border, it lies to the south east of Kpalimé in the Plateaux Region of Togo. This adventure would be another tick to your bucket list.

Spend some time on one of their idyllic beaches

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Togo is known for their great beaches, among them being Aneho Beach and Lome Beach. Some of the beaches are home to white sands and it's easy to get privacy. Put on your swimwear, grab a drink and splash around in the calm ocean.

Visit a fishing village

Togo is home to many fishing villages with close knit communities ready to welcome you. To find the best ones, and safer spots, ask the hotel you are staying at which fishing villages allow for day trips and what activities can do while there.


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One cannot visit Togo and not visit Lome. The streets of Lome is filled with vibrant markets, friendly people and good food. Places to visit include the central Independence Monument, the Congressional Palace that houses the national museum that exhibits West African jewelry, masks, musical instruments and pottery.

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