Lufthansa German Airlines offers Ladies First Boarding this International Women’s Day

Lufthansa German Airlines will offer all female passengers the option of a first boarding procedure this International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017.

Andre Schulz, general manager for Lufthansa Group Southern Africa, said the airline recognised the extremely valuable role of women in society and business.

“The sacrifices that women make in their various roles of women, daughter, mother, wife, life partner, caregiver, nurturer, breadwinner, and within their chosen careers, often go by unnoticed and are taken for granted. We know that in so many instances, women face daily challenges; it is a sad reality that needs to always be addressed. We are proud that, on International Women’s Day, we are able to recognise that women require a special recognition for their selflessness and sacrifice and so offer the Ladies First Boarding procedure,” Schulz says.

All Lufthansa flights on March 8 will offer a new boarding procedure which will invite all female passengers a special boarding procedure ahead of first, HON circle members, senators, business class, and Star Alliance gold customers. According to civil aviation regulations, families travelling with small children, and those that require special assistance may still be boarded first.

The airline would also include this service on August 9 for South Africa’s Women’s Day.