St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia is one destination everyone should visit. Picture: Famous Wonders of the World.

South Africans looking to visit a new destination for their holiday abroad should turn their attention to Russia and Scandinavia in 2018.

Trafalgar South Africa MD, Theresa Szejwallo, says that Russia has become an interesting destination for South Africans, particularly due to there being no visas.

“The Nordic region of Scandinavia, as well as Iceland were also great sellers in 2017 and will probably continue their winning streak next year,” says Szejwallo. “On that note, France, an old favourite, is also making a comeback. All three are great if you are craving an authentic Christmas feeling during the festive season.”

Szejwallo recommends some of the unique features South Africans can experiences in these destinations:

St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

Basil's Cathedral in Moscow is a work of art. It was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century to commemorate a military victory, and ironically was also nearly stolen by Napoleon. Keep the cold at bay as you explore alongside a local specialist, with a nip of vodka and your furry ushanka (hat).

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is characterised by cobblestone streets and well-preserved historic architecture. Spend some time in Old Town (Gamala Stan) which is one of the foremost attractions in the city. It is a photographer's dream, with its medieval streets, quaint corner cafes and hidden bars tucked away in the narrow streets.

D-Day Beaches, France

If your heart is set on France, Normandy is very popular among WWII battlefield enthusiasts. Although not only focusing on the battlefields, it’s also a beautiful destination to visit. This is an untouched region of France that boasts gorgeous countrysides and white-cliffed beaches.

Source: Trafalgar